In Pakistan, Salwar kameez is famous and is a very pretty traditional dress. With the passage of time in fashion industry many changes has made in this dress. In South Asia, Shalwar kameez is worn in different countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Shalwar kameez comes in different styles and designs. The cost of this dress always depends on embellishments, designs and fabric used in making of this dress. The cost of designer shalwar kameez is more than an ordinary shalwar kameez dress. The benefit of purchasing designer shalwar kameez is that your wardrobe will have a unique, beautiful dress that will help in extending your personality. This dress will also help in making you the center of attention among people.

Shahzadaa by ZQ

If you are searching for men’s wear in Pakistan at a reasonable price, you are standing on the right place as Zohaib Qadeer Couture presenting you Shahzadaa, an exclusive style of men's fashion with the quality wear. Exquisite blend of casual and formal attires keeping the integrity of Zohaib Qadeer Couture. 

Shalwar kameez suits with different colors, styles and designs. The material has to be of the level of what Pakistani men adores the most. It can be baggy or fitted.

As compared to shalwar kameez, Kurta shalwar look a bit similar but there is a slight difference between both dresses. The main difference is the difference of fitting. Young boys and modern men like to wear kurta. Zohaib Qadeer provides you with a wide array of mens kurta shalwar

Every customer wants the maximum looks from clothes because you're spending your money, and it's your priority to get your all requirements then Zohaib Qadeer Couture not only giving you better looks in clothes instead they are giving you best quality fabric in clothes.