Starting the day with the melodious "Pak Sar Zameen shaad baad" and sharing smiles with the team. We celebrated 14th August, the independence day of Pakistan with true green and white colours.

Wearing the flag colours, decorating the white walls with green buntings, and placing our beautiful flag in every corner of the office. Every team member had a badge on them. Indeed it was the most beautiful sight that was meant to be cherished.

There were many soft and lovely moments throughout the day. We played joyful games, National Anthem and national songs were on the speakers. Everyone was smiling and it really looked like we are indeed celebrating as we are happy. Everyone shared their feelings and thoughts about what exactly they are feeling. But this was not it, we did something which is really required at this time where the country needs us the most. Thinking of all struggles of common people, remembering the hardships of the men and women who fought with all their blood and sweat for this country. It was the passion of the people that made the dream come true for a separate nation. It was an emotional moment for all of us. So we pledged our loyalty and faithfulness for our country.

The man behind all of the magic, Zohaib Qadeer, shared his views with the words:
"I pledge loyalty to my Country and the Ideology for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.". It was these words that started a new passage of patriotism and nationalism amongst the team.

The real celebration is not only singing and dancing. The utmost dedication and the love we have for our country is always there in our veins throughout the year. As citizens of a beautiful Pakistan, it is our responsibility to obey the rules and regulations that benefits the country in all ways. Providing everything that benefits Pakistan and do the right things not to cause harm. Collectively we must pledge to empower each other to thrive; as a nation and as true Pakistanis.