Azaadi or independence day, which indeed brings happiness in our lives. White and green balloons on the wall of offices and malls, Pakistani flags and pennants can be seen in every corner of the streets and homes. Wearing badges, apparels matching the color of flag. National songs and sweet distributions every where. Everyone is happy and busy.

But why this day is so special and what make 14th August so cherished? 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was a lawyer, politician, and the founder of Pakistan, along with thousands others making Allama Iqbal's dream of an independent state for the muslims of south asia true. It was a huge struggle, the struggle of patience, dignity and the need of a life where people can live peacefully.

This is the day of unity where we are not sindhi, punjabi, pashtuns. We are Pakistanis! It suppresses all the negativities of the society and creates a sense of being one and follow one true idealogy of why exactly this day and Pakistan was made. The true happiness is the sense of freedom we have in our independent state. We are free to choose our lifestyle, not being restricted as this is the real essence of independence. We can witness different people practicing their own cultures and religions. Happiness to be with our loved ones not being distant. To celebrate and live the life the way we want is what all the happiness of independence is about.

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